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Journal Issue
Volume 12 Issue 4, ECIC 2014 / Nov 2014  pp187‑270

Editor: Dagmar Cagáňová

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Regional Intellectual Capital Formation: A Computational Approach  pp187‑199

Klaus Bruno et al

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Intellectual Capital Evaluation: A Project Management Perspective  pp200‑207

Marcin Relich

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Education of Employees in Organisations Operating in Slovakia  pp208‑218

Dagmar Cagáňová et al

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An empirical Investigation of Maturity Levels in Knowledge Management  pp219‑229

Ute Vanini, Saskia Bochert

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Trust‑Communication Dyad in Inter‑Personal Workplace Relationships … Dynamics of Trust Deterioration and Breach  pp230‑238

Taina Savolainen, Palmira Lopez-Fresno, Mirjami Ikonen

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Crucial Role of Corporate Culture to Align Organizational Goals with Economic Success  pp239‑248

Zdenka Gyurák Babeľová, Jaromira Vaňová

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Making Sense of the Intangibles ‑ A co‑word Analysis of the most Important Perspective of Analysis  pp249‑258

Eduardo Tomé, Miguel Gonzalez-Loureiro

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Impact of Intellectual Capital and its Components on Firm Performance Before and After Crisis  pp259‑270

Marian Holienka, Anna Pilkov

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