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Journal Article

Intellectual Capital Evaluation: A Project Management Perspective  pp202-209

Marcin Relich

© Jul 2014 Volume 12 Issue 4, ECIC 2014, Editor: Dagmar Caganova, pp187 - 272

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Abstract: Intellectual capital has prevailed as a measure of core competency and competitive advantage which explains the gap between the market value and book value of a company. Given the fact that the nature of intellectual capital is abstract, intangi ble, and difficult to measure, a challenge has arisen for managers to evaluate intellectual capital performance effectively. Despite the fact that several methods have been proposed to assist managers in this area, there is still a scarcity of approaches that are able to combine accurate data from financial reports and subjective judgments by experts, and that are dedicated to measuring intellectual capital in the context of choosing a set of the most promising new products. This forms the motivation to p ropose a method for intellectual capital performance evaluation in the field of product development projects that is based on a fuzzy logic approach. Intellectual capital includes many intangible factors, and as a result, it is difficult to evaluate intel lectual capital performance using only traditional crisp values. Therefore, an evaluation of intellectual capital is proposed according to linguistic variables used by experts. The proposed fuzzy logic approach applies fuzzy linguistic variables to expres s the level of qualitative evaluation of each intellectual capital dimension in the context of project management. The use of the proposed approach can support the decision‑makers in the choice of a set of new products that are most promising, improving t he planning and implementation of intellectual capital management, aiding companies in building their competitive advantages, and helping companies achieve sustainable development. The feasibility


Keywords: Keywords: intellectual capital, measurement, new product development, linguistic variable, fuzzy numbers


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