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Journal Issue
Volume 11 Issue 4, ECIC 2013 / Nov 2013  pp280‑392

Editor: Lidia Garcia Zambrano

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Editorial for EJKM For the Special Issue of ECIC2013  pp280‑281

Lidia García-Zambrano

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An Empirical Study on the Impact of the Process of Measuring IC on Performance  pp282‑294

Donley Carrington

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Product Innovation and Relational Capital: Evidence From Portugal  pp295‑308

Pedro Figueroa Dorrego et al

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Strategically Developing Intellectual Capital Effectiveness: A Conceptual Model for Innovative Companies  pp309‑324

Harold Harlow

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Voluntary Disclosure of Intellectual Assets and Intellectual Liabilities: Impact on Financial Performance in Publicly Listed Firms in the United Arab Emirates  pp325‑338

George Majdalany, Jeffrey Henderson

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A Theoretical Model for the Report of Intellectual Capital  pp339‑360

Florinda Matos

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Intellectual Capital and Innovation: A Case Study of a Public Healthcare organisation in Europe  pp361‑372

Helena Santos-Rodrigues

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ICBS Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System: A Practical Methodology for Successful Strategy Formulation in the Knowledge Economy  pp373‑386

José Viedma Marti

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Human Capital and Financial Results: A Case Study  pp387‑392

Helena Santos-Rodrigues, Guiomar Pereira-Rodrigues, Desireé Cranfield

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Abstract: If a company aims to succeed at developing its competitive advantage, knowledge assets should be considered as an important resource as it is the raw material from which financial results are obtained. This Case Study aims to determine whether h uman Capital is presented and valuated in a small company working in the logistics sector, and if it has an impact on the financial performance. Considering this, we have developed a Case Study that utilises a pragmatic and unique, holistic and explorator y approach. Data collection was carried out mainly through interviews and observation centred on Human Capital and on the financial performance, conducted on two elements from different levels of authority and responsibility within the company, a director and an operation employee. A Likert scale of 5 points was used, and the study concluded that both participants interviewed, shared a similar point of view about Human Capital and the financial performance. It was also concluded that the company evaluated is human Capital, in particular, the follow elements: the employees formation and training, skills, teamwork, internal relations and knowledge share had impact in the financial performance of a firm, and the company had a positive result over the years, although yields have stagnated recently, and expenses have increased due to the current international crisis. Consequently, it was concluded that in those companies, Human Capital was valuated and the case study suggests that there is a relationship with financial performance. 


Keywords: Keywords: human capital, enterprise results, financial results, financial performance, logistics


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