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Journal Issue
Volume 12 Issue 1, Special Edition for ECKM 2013 / Jan 2014  pp1‑90

Editor: Monika Petraite

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Editorial  pp1‑2

Monika Petraite

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Marketing audit for Knowledge Intensive Business Services  pp3‑14

Ettore Bolisani, Enrico Scarso

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The Value of Extended Framework of TAM in the Electronic Government Services  pp15‑25

Juan-Gabriel Cegarra-Navarro et al

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Cross‑cultural validation of UTAUT: the case of University VLEs in Jordan, Russia and the UK  pp26‑35

Boyka Simeonova et al

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Abstract: Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are learning platforms within universities aiming to facilitate and enhance students learning. In order to increase the chances for success of VLEs implementation it is essential to identify the factors wh ich influence the students decision making as far as accepting and using VLEs are concerned. In this paper we are applying one of the most popular models, the so‑called Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model developed by Venka tesh et al. (2003) to identify and test the underlying factors influencing VLE acceptance and use. UTAUT is a relatively new model sparsely applied in cross‑cultural settings and in the context of Higher Education (Straub, 2009). We are testing the mo del in four business schools in universities in three different countries: the UK, Russia and Jordan. The results show that although all items from the original UTAUT questionnaire have their place in the final groupings obtained through the factor analys is, the clean agglomeration of items into groups shown by the original paper and a few others could not be replicated in the individual countries or in the overall sample despite the good sample size obtained in our study. The paper raises a question ab out the replicability of the original results and calls for reconsideration of the way the model is applied. 


Keywords: Keywords: UTAUT, technology acceptance, virtual learning environments, higher education


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Business Innovative Environment as a Prerequisite for a Long‑run Competitive Advantage  pp36‑49

Marta Christina Suciu, Cristina Andreea Florea

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Innovation, Organizational Learning Orientation and Reverse Knowledge Transfer in Multinationals Companies  pp50‑59

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Taking a Different View: The Case of the Eurozone Macroeconomic Policies as a Case of Incompetence  pp60‑72

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Middle Management Knowledge by Possession and Position: A Panoptic Examination of Individual Knowledge Sharing Influences  pp73‑90

Sally Eaves

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