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Journal Issue
Volume 9 Issue 3, ECIC 2011 / Sep 2011  pp181‑295

Editor: Geoff Turner, Clemente Minonne

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Knowledge Sharing as an Enabler of Virtual Business  pp181‑187

John Girard, Cindy Gordon, JoAnn Girard

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Virtual Embeddedness and Social Media as a Basis for the Relational Capital Management of new Ventures  pp188‑203

Eleni Magdalini Vasileiadou, Magdalena Missler-Behr

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Social Capital Management in Iranian Knowledge‑Based Organizations  pp204‑210

Khodayar Abili

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Developing and Implementing Strategies to Enhance Intellectual Capital in the Online Learning Environment  pp211‑220

Bob Barrett

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IC and Knowledge Formation by Hidden Structures … Long Term Costs of new Technology and Participative Design  pp221‑235

Klaus Bruno Schebesch

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Modeling Organizational Knowledge Dynamics: Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)  pp236‑247

Constantin Bratianu, Adriana Agapie, Ivona Orzea

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Knowledge Management for Knowledge Workers  pp248‑258

Ludmila Mladkova

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Relationship between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Hidden Wealth over the period 2000‑2008: An International Study  pp259‑270

Víctor Raul López Ruiz, Jose Luis Alfaro Navarro, Domingo Nevado Pena

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Intellectual Capital and Corporate Performance  pp271‑283

Agnes Maciocha, Jerzy Kisielnicki

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The Mediating Effects of Sensemaking and Measurement on the Intellectual Capital and Performance Linkage  pp284‑295

Donley Carrington, Mike Tayles

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Intellectual capital can be a major factor that can aid Caribbean policy makers as the region transitions from its agricultural based economy to service based economies with tourism being the largest contributor to GDP. This paper adds to the extant literature by providing literature on IC within the Caribbean and the tourism industry. Additionally, while the research has emphasized defining and measuring IC and its components, and their impact on firm’s performance theoretical questions remain concerning the synergistic, dynamic and contextual nature of IC. In addition, the use of sensemaking to provide the foundation for understanding the interaction of the IC components and firm’s performance will further enhance the IC literature. This paper reports on the development and testing of a theoretical model concerning the mediating effects of measurement of IC and sensemaking on the components of IC and performance linkage. This quantitative study used structural equation modeling (SEM) to test the model and structural relationships among the components of IC and performance mediated by sensemaking and measurement of IC. Independent variables used in the model were HC, RC and SC; with sensemaking and measurement of IC being the mediating variables and performance, a composite scale measuring managers’ perception on relative changes of their performance of financial and non‑financial measures, being the dependent variable. The study shows that HC, RC and SC are related to sensemaking, that measurement of IC is associated with performance, that measurement of IC mediates the relationships between RC and performance and SC and performance, and it validates the relationship between HC and performance. 


Keywords: Caribbean, intellectual capital, sensemaking, SEM, hospitality


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